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Cotlink International is a sourcing & inspection services agent in Pakistan & China. You can benefit from our experiences as we source and inspect products on your behalf at all stages from the factory audit, production monitoring, to delivery. Our working places are Punjab and Shanghai & Suzhou. We can help you to investigate the factory's scale, production capacity, credit standing, quality testing etc. and communicate with your vendors and purchasing various items. Cotlink International pleased to offer its clients a wide range of services from Pakistan and China.

Our Main Products:


100%polyester DTY Yarn
75/24, 75/36, 75/48 NIM or HIM & DDB
100/36, 150/48, 300/96 NIM or HIM & DDB
Articles: Sheet set, Duvet/Quilt cover set,
Comforter Set, BIAB
100% Cotton in different thread counts & weaves
100% Polyester Micro Fiber
Cotton Rich Fabrication
Poly/Cotton Fabrication

Yarn Dyed Fabrication


Window Apparel
Bath Towel
Table Linen
Institutional sheets

Print and Solid Techniques

Rotary & Flat Bed Pigment Printing
Rotary & Flat Bed Reactive Printing
Rotary & Flat Bed Disperse Printing
Pigment Dyed
Reactive Dyed

Vat Dye

Chemicals & Leather

Rubber Centrifuged Latex Ammonia 60% DRC
Dry Salted Hides
Tanned Bovine Leather
Vegetable Splits


Our Services          
Design & Creation

Our Company have professional designer  who convert customers ideas into designs then show it on bed & window grid to give actual look how product will look like. We charge a nominal amount for each design and provide customer tiff file of pattern along with separation files.


Cotlink International is an established leader in the sourcing and as such specialization in finding and vetting factories manufacturing products of all kind throughout Pakistan and China. Most important we have a tested network of factories throughout Pakistan and China, reliable factories that we have used for years. For this reason we are able to source products for our client with unusual speed.


Designs & Colors Approval following given time line in TNA.
Approval of Poly Bags.
Approval of Insert Cards.Approval of  All Coordinate Accessories.
Coordinate with the designer to get approval on design, color, insert polybag etc.
Provide all Approved standards to QA deptt to make sure that standard follow in bulk production.
External Testing from independent lab to make sure that all testing parameters are being met.
On Replenishment  po, send one factory fabric to  other  factory for testing just to keep full control on testing Parameters.



Just to make sure on time shipment Merchandising Deptt Follow Up by personal visit.
Every QA is responsible to provide daily order status based upon the information he get on personal visit.
Weekly WIP  Reports from vendors.
TNA Calender
Weekly Dispatch Report.
Grey Follow Up Reports.
Provide Order status to customers on daily & weekly basis through different reports.
Coordinate with Packaging Deptt  to get all information with stipulated time frame given in TNA calendar.
Provide order Closing summary to customers.


Quality Assurance

QA required factory internal & independent lab report before to start shade band inspection  & If he not satisfied on any result he will pick random fabric swatch from production and send to some other factory lab to clarify his doubt.
QA will do inspection on cutting stage as well in order to make sure accurate cut sizes for all the products.
QA will do 2 in line inspection against each order  and if he need any correction he will responsible to held meeting with factory management along with his sourcing team.
Final inspection report will be issued to factory and customer before leaving factory.
All inspection information must be forwarded to Documentation Deptt & Sourcing Deptt.
On Replenishment Pos QA will pick samples from production and send it to other on board factory for testing purpose in order to make sure that all testing parameters are being met.


Shipping and Logistics

Documentation Deptt get inspection report from QA Deptt and reconcile quantities of factory invoice and QA report.
Make sure to dispatch documents to customer within 7 days from vessel date.
Provide Tracking information to customer of dox dispatch from factory and its bank.
Give Pre Alert to Import Deptt of customer about arrival of container at port.
Follow up on all payments.1


Contact: Mr. Muhammad Waqar Siddique
Tel: +92418816501
Cell: +923226116501 (Whats app, Viber, We chat)
Skype: waqarsh1
Linked In: Waqar Siddique